California Co-Parenting is a Breeze with a Few Tips

If you’re the parent of a minor child who has visitation rights after a divorce, you surely cherish the time you spend together. While California law is clear on custody and visitation, it doesn’t provide much detail on the best ways to exercise your obligations so that you can maintain a strong, healthy relationship with your child. With proper logistics and planning, and assistance from a skilled visitation and co-parenting lawyer, you can make the most of your time together.

  • Co-Parenting Schedule: Depending on their ages, you should discuss the details of your parenting time schedule, including times, dates, holidays, and vacations. A seamless transition between two homes takes some adjustment, but some scheduling and structure ensures your child will equally comfortable in both spaces.
  • Plan Ahead: Armed with a schedule, children develop expectations about parenting time with you. Therefore, it’s important to make sure all logistics are in place to make the plan work. Figure out transportation details, communicate with the child’s other parent, and always show up on time as promised. In the event of an unexpected event, keep everyone in the loop and do your best to prevent major disruptions.
  • Your Time Together: The majority of your attention during co-parenting time should be on your relationship with your children. Arrange fun activities to engage them, and put the focus on your time together. If possible, take care of any professional or personal tasks in advance so your child isn’t watching you work.
  • In Between Visits: Even when your time together is over, you should keep the line of communication open in between visits. Technology provides you with many options for staying close, so use video chat, emails, text messages – or just pick up the phone.

Discuss Co-Parenting Arrangements with a Qualified Attorney

Both you and your child get the most out of your shared time when you plan ahead, tackle logistics, and stay in touch between visits. When you lay the right foundation and schedule, you can better focus on your relationship. An experienced child custody, visitation, and co-parenting lawyer can help your entire family work out an arrangement that makes the most sense for your lifestyles. If you’d like more information or want to discuss your situation with an attorney, please contact the Law Office of Charles D. Stark in Sonoma County, California. We’re happy to schedule a consultation to review your circumstances and tell you more about your options.


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