Couples divorcing in 2019 can no longer utilize a tax deduction for spousal support payments under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). However, there are other strategies to take advantage of favorable tax treatment in divorce. A legal structure termed an “alimony trust” captures some key tax benefits. While also delivering other advantages to […]

Many clients feel relieved after divorce proceedings end, hoping that everything is “over.”  Unfortunately, that is not often the case.  Often, situations change and either, or both, parties feel the need to request a change to an existing order in court.  If you feel that an important aspect of your life has changed and requires […]

In California, when a couple decides to divorce after building a lifestyle together, a court may require the higher earner – whether it be the husband or the wife – to assist the lower earner to maintain that lifestyle for at least a period of time. A judge in California may award support during divorce […]

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