Divorce Outside of the Courtroom – When Mediation is an Option

Meditation can be a powerful method to resolve disputes between parties without involving the costs and delays of the court system. During this process, a trained mediator helps the parties come to a solution that is optimal for all, but not without compromises. While some divorces require court intervention, those that can be settled through mediation often are much less expensive and are resolved more quickly than by way of litigation.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Divorce Mediation

There are several reasons as to why divorce mediation may be a viable option for you. Some benefits include less stress on the family – including the children – resulting from more peaceful divorce proceedings, the ability to come to an agreement faster and for less expense than a court proceeding, more control in the decision-making process, and preservation of privacy. On the other hand, some disservice may result from divorce mediation. This includes ending up with a settlement agreement that is more favorable to one spouse, incomplete or unenforceable because of poor drafting; going through the mediation process and not being able to resolve the divorce amicably; facing other legal issues that require you to go to court anyway; and the other side failing to reveal all assets because all information is provided voluntarily without subpoenas.  

It is important to understand that if one spouse has been the victim of domestic violence, mediation may not be appropriate. If the individual can advocate for him or herself, however, steps can be taken by the mediator to proceed with mediation and still protect the victim such as video conferencing, remaining in separate rooms during the process, and retaining attorneys for each side.  

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The decision to move forward with a California divorce should not be taken lightly. Divorce affects all aspects of life as you know it – from property to child custody, to finances. While avoiding marital separation may not be an option, bypassing the court system may be. For these reasons, competence and sensitivity are vital when seeking legal representation in your divorce. Charles D. Stark Attorney and Counselor at Law has served families throughout Sonoma County with years of family law experience. Call today 707-527-9900 to schedule your initial consultation.

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