Unbundled Legal Services in a Simplified California Divorce

Some couples seeking divorce are eligible for California’s Summary Dissolution of Marriage, which is a simplified proceeding available if you don’t have children, have been married less than five years, and meet other qualifications. The advantage is that the process takes less time and doesn’t require court appearances like a traditional divorce would. Since the rules are relatively straightforward, you may assume it’s not necessary to retain a lawyer to represent you. However, there are multiple reasons you should still consider getting legal help for a summary dissolution. If cost is a factor, it may make sense to look at an unbundled services attorney in California.

What is unbundled legal representation?


When you only need a lawyer’s help for a limited, designated purpose, it’s possible to hire a lawyer for unbundled services. Your attorney may provide advice and counsel on a legal matter you’re facing, or answer a question that requires specific legal knowledge. However, your lawyer would not take on full responsibility for every aspect of your circumstances. For instance, an unbundled services attorney may help you draft documents related to a real estate contract, but would not represent you in connection with a breach of it.

How can a lawyer assist with Summary Dissolution under California law?


The simplified divorce proceeding is one scenario where unbundled legal representation would be ideal. If you and your spouse qualify and are in agreement on the primary issues in a divorce, it’s not cost-effective to pay thousands for an attorney. However, it IS wise to hire an attorney for limited representation under the circumstances. You may need help preparing the initial documents and assistance with filing them in court. In addition, you may have questions about your rights and an explanation of how the divorce with impact your future.

Are there other factors to consider?


By definition, limited services do not comprehensive legal representation, even in a summary dissolution of marriage. If your matter is complicated by disputes between you and your spouse, unbundled representation may not be a good fit. Plus, you will be responsible for a large percentage of the work involved, such as gathering paperwork and transferring titles to marital assets. Parties who aren’t willing to invest the time and effort should probably consider full legal services.

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