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Elder law is an important and growing area of estate planning.  Contact us, so we assist our senior clients with end-of-life decisions, specifically providing Advance Health Care Directives, which provide a means to delegate specific legal means to a trusted loved one (and your alternates) to work with your medical providers to ensure that your preferences are carried out regarding care that preserves the family system and values.  Contact me with any questions.

Advanced Health Care Directives, coupled with Durable Powers of Attorney, can often avoid the need for an expensive and public court proceeding if the client(s) do not have the capacity to continue to manage these vital decisions during the client’s lifetimes. Planning in these areas is important regardless of whether the client’s assets are large or small.

When elders are making these plans, they must also consider Social Security and other government or private benefits for long-term care to create a comprehensive plan.

My experience can also help clients choose their agents and trustees, which is often the single most important decision to be made, and is rarely as obvious as it may seem.

These legal tools are prepared to reflect the personal choices of the client(s) during their lifetime, and compliment the traditional estate planning instruments of wills and trusts, which often are only effective after death.

In addition, if there are disabled family members, consideration should be given to Special Needs Trusts, which provide for the disabled family member without jeopardizing any supplemental public benefits such as Social Security, Medi-Cal, SSI or SSD. Selection of the assets to place in these trusts is very important, and we assist clients with these important decisions that help to preserve the family and maximize limited resources. Planning is also important to coordinate passing of family assets to the children or grandchildren without conflicting with complex and changing Social Security regulations.

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The Charles D. Stark Law Firm can help you. We take a family approach to meeting the client’s needs, and look forward to assisting you in these important areas.   By completing these two document before your consultation, it will give me a better idea of what your estate planning needs are and will help me tailor your estate plan to suit your needs.

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If you are considering establishing a financial estate preservation plan, or if you are an administrator seeking help with Sonoma County probate,  contact me online or by phone at 707-527-9900 to schedule a meeting. Successful outcomes start with the right choices about your future. My rates are reasonable, either hourly or by flat-fee, and I accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.

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