Prenuptial/Pre-Partnership Agreements

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The idea of a prenuptial or pre-partnership agreement is, admittedly, not the most romantic part of the weeks and months prior to a wedding, but taking the time to make important decisions while you and your partner are more likely to agree adds stability to both of your futures, and it avoids misunderstandings and confirms mutual expectations. A good prenuptial agreement protects the rights and financial future of both parties, and allows you to avoid future pain should separation or divorce someday become necessary. A prenuptial or pre-partnership agreement also has significant estate planning and tax consequences.

Contact Charles D. Stark, Attorney at Law in Santa Rosa.  I represent individuals in negotiating and drafting enforceable prenuptial agreements. I will guide you through the process of evaluating the property and assets you bring into a marriage, and draft documents designed to keep important property and investments safe for your future.

Pre-Partnership/Prenup Agreements

A prenuptial agreement can help you protect investments, property and other assets during your engagement. For some, it is a practical and often necessary step to ensure that they retain their rights into the future. For others – often those coming into a second marriage – it is a lesson learned from experience.

I understand that your prenuptial agreement must be flexible and fair to be deemed enforceable over the long term. I know how to make sure your agreement grows along with your relationship and adapts to changing situations.

I will help you create a document that protects:

  • Retirement Accounts
  • Inheritance
  • Savings and Investments
  • Property
  • Business Ownership

Call a Sonoma County Prenup Attorney

You do sound financial planning in every part of your life, and your marriage or partnership should be no different. Work with a lawyer that can respectfully and effectively represent your financial interests leading up to your marriage. Call my office today at 707-527-9900 or contact me to schedule an appointment to build a sound financial foundation for your future.

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