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The collaborative family law approach is a relatively new dispute resolution methodology. It is particularly well suited to family situations such as divorce or probate estates where family relationships are being re-defined, but still continue in some respects. In other words, it is especially good at addressing the needs of children without bringing the children into the adult conflict. It is also very effective in balancing and managing the emotional and financial aspects of divorce or other family based conflicts.  Contact Charles D. Stark, Attorney at Law to answer any questions.

The Collaborative Process is most effective in reducing the inevitable  stress on the clients by providing its unique safe and supportive environment.

The key element is that it avoids courts and focuses on settlement of issues without the threat of court intervention hanging over the negotiations. This is achieved by a commitment to the collaborative process and a formal agreement not to resort to contested court proceedings.

Collaborative Practice often is less expensive and time consuming than other means of addressing the same set of issues, and more importantly, it is designed to produce more long-lasting and satisfying results.

Resolution Process Choices

This chart is provided to demonstrate the relationship between process choices, couples’ issues, and communication skills. Costs in the chart are illustrative only, and would probably be substantially higher for all processes in California.

comparison chart

*View Full PDF of this diagram here

Frequently Asked Questions About Collaborative Law

Collaborative Practice uses a TEAM approach to facilitate full disclosure and meaningful negotiations so that the parties can CREATIVELY resolve their issues in a productive and NON-ADVERSARIAL manner.


How the role of attorneys are different in Collaborative Practice

Charles Stark has been involved with Collaborative Practice since its inception in Sonoma County, and continually participates in specialized training to provide collaborative skills to his clients. Mr. Stark is a member of the  International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP), and the Collaborative Council of the Redwood Empire (CCRE).

The California legislature and the Sonoma County Courts adopted rules in 2007 recognizing collaborative practice as a viable alternative to using the court to resolve family issues.

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