Retirement Benefits and QDROs

Protecting Your Investment in Your Future

You spend a lifetime and a career investing money into pension funds, 401k accounts, IRAs, stocks and other retirement benefits. You have a plan for your future and want to make sure that plan is protected when you are pursuing a divorce.

Santa Rosa QDRO Lawyer

Contact Charles D. Stark, Attorney at Law.  I practice in the Santa Rosa and Sonoma County region, I help clients responsibly and effectively protect their long-term retirement investments during divorce and separation proceedings. I have more than 40 years of successful practice across a wide range of legal disciplines and, as a divorce lawyer, I can bring the value of that experience to bear on your case and financial needs.

Understanding Division of Retirement Benefits and QDROs

QDROs – Qualified Domestic Relations Orders – are part of your divorce settlement that outlines your ex-spouse’s entitlements and obligations to pension funds. Assets accumulated during your marriage are subject to division between both spouses in a divorce, and this includes any funds invested into retirement accounts.

How that property and other retirement benefits are  divided can be subject to intense negotiation and litigation as well as involve the intersection of both state and federal law as well as the retirement plan contract. Effectively protecting your rights and assets requires the help of a lawyer with a strong understanding of how to reveal and untangle the sometimes complicated landscape of investments, income and retirement accounts.

How should you deal with early retirement or survivorship issues in dividing the retirement benefits in your case? How do you accomplish the division with minimal income tax consequences? Does the division of the retirement benefits offset spousal or partner support?

You can’t afford not to have a lawyer that understands how to work with high-value and complex asset protection.

At the office of Charles D. Stark, Attorney & Counselor at Law, I put 40 years of litigation experience and a successful track record of effective counsel and strong client service to work for you. I work with clients of all needs, and can put a strong foundation in business and real estate law behind the complex financial negotiations in even the highest-asset divorce cases.

Contact a QDRO Attorney in Sonoma County

Your retirement and plan for the future can be thrown into turmoil without the right divorce attorney at your side. Contact me online or call 707-527-9900 at my Santa Rosa office when you need a strong guiding hand through division of retirement benefits and the creation of a QDRO.

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