Revocable Living Trust

Benefits of a Revocable Living Trust

It is an uncomfortable thought, but any of us could become incapacitated or die, unexpectedly. If you have property or assets to pass on to certain persons or charities, a living trust can be the perfect tool to control your estate.  There are three main benefits of a living trust:

First, the assets in the trust will not be part of your probate estate when you die. Probate Court assures the validity of a will and monitors the distribution of the estate. It is expensive and can take several weeks to many months. Property in a trust will pass to the beneficiaries upon death without court supervision.

Second, you can control the assets until you die or become incapacitated. You can name yourself as trustee, and name a successor trustee who would manage the trust upon your death or incapacity. A living trust can be managed, amended and even terminated when you want. Although it does not have the tax advantages of an  irrevocable trust, you have control in a revocable trust. A living trust often can avoid conservatorship in the event of disability or incapacity, especially when coupled with an estate plan with appropriate powers of attorney.

Third, neither the creation nor management nor distribution at death are public information. While probate serves an important purpose, your property and estate are  your business. A living trust provides privacy that a will does not.  Contact me to discuss your unique situation.

Santa Rosa Living Trust Attorney

There are disadvantages to a living trust; for example, assets may be subject to the estate tax.

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