Living Will and Power of Attorney

A Plan to Protect Your Wishes

Proper estate planning does more than protect your heirs and your generational goals; it also establishes documents that will guide loved ones and professionals when you are seriously disabled or incapacitated.

Contact Charles D. Stark, Attorney & Counselor at Law, I provide counsel and assistance for clients who seek to create a sound and enforceable plan for their own long-term care. Through naming powers of attorney and the drafting of an advanced healthcare directive — commonly referred to as a living will — we can design legally protected strategies that will give you peace of mind today that your wishes will be respected in the future. A trust can avoid court supervised probate upon death, and a powers of attorney and an advanced health care directive can help to avoid court supervised conservatorship.

Avoiding Uncertainty in an Uncertain Future

No one wants to imagine the situation that would leave you disabled to the point that you could not even direct physicians or professionals on your treatment, but, if such a tragedy were to happen, wouldn’t you rather make sure that a system was in place to protect your wishes? A power of attorney can not only protect your treatment options following a seriously disabling event; it can also put systems in place designed to protect your estate while you are incapacitated. In a crisis, these documents are also a blessing to your loved ones.

In conjunction with advanced healthcare directives, these tools allow you to make decisions now about how you will be treated and who will be able to make decisions on your behalf. Just as a good  estate plan allows you to ensure that your wishes are protected following your death, working with a lawyer to employ these tools can help you address lifetime concerns about:

  • Your Health
  • Your Medical Treatment
  • Your Property
  • Your Investments
  • Your Business

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