Child Custody, Visitation and Co-Parenting

Child Custody Attorney in Santa Rosa

When it comes to protecting your parental rights, there is little room for compromise. As a parent, your relationship with your children is not open for debate. If you want a California child custody lawyer who will help fully support you in protecting your custody and visitation rights, then I am prepared to work with you.

As founder of the law office of Charles D. Stark, Attorney and Counselor at Law, I provide experienced family law representation for clients throughout Sonoma County. I have more than 40 years of legal experience and a proven track record of successful litigation and negotiation.  You can contact me for any legal questions.

Dedicated Representation in Custody and Visitation Cases

I understand how precious your children are to you, as do the California courts. We share your interests and want to make sure that a conflict with your spouse does not interfere with your kids. Whether you are seeking a custody or visitation agreement as part of a divorce settlement, or you need to seek your parentage rights outside of a marriage, I can help. We emphasize agreements that restructures the family system after separation, not to destroy it.

As a Santa Rosa a law attorney, I will use every tool at my disposal, whether through negotiation,  mediationcollaborative law or litigation, to fully protect your rights relating to:

  • Sole custody
  • Physical custody
  • Joint custody
  • Legal custody
  • Visitation
  • Co-parenting

I can also help you seek or prevent modifications of an existing custody agreement to provide adjustments as your children grow older, or that would allow one parent to relocate.

Joan B. Kelly, PH.D provides an article with the following information:

  • Top Ten Ways to Protect Your Kids from the Fallout of a High Conflict Break-up
  • Joan B. Kelly, Ph.D. is a groundbreaking clinical psychologist and researcher. Joan is an author, therapist, mediator and parenting coordinator with four decades of experience working with high-conflict parents who are separating.

Don’t Delay in Seeking Legal Help

When it comes to your relationship with your children, make sure you have a lawyer who understands the law and knows how to put it to work for you. Ineffective counsel can leave you unable to fully be a part of your kids’ lives. Do not let that happen. It is important to take action early and be consistent.

Visitation Modification Lawyer in Sonoma County

If you are seeking a modification to a visitation order, or are facing any other type of co-parenting or child custody issue, I am prepared to help. Contact Charles D. Stark or by phone at 707-527-9900 to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

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