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At the Sonoma County law office of Charles D. Stark, Attorney & Counselor at Law, I represent clients in matters of trust administration and probate.

  • If you are putting the mechanisms of trusts to work for your long-term estate goals, I will make sure that your goals and assets are administered and protected to achieve the plan you lay out.
  • If you are an administrator of a will, I can help you understand the complexities of probate, prepare documents and properly execute your duties in a responsible and accurate way.
  • If you are involved in probate litigation either as an executor or beneficiary, I will put extensive courtroom, litigation and estate planning experience behind your case.
  • If you are a successor trustee for a deceased relative or friend, I can help you understand the process so you can effectively fulfill your duties.

The execution and litigation of trusts and wills can be a complex and emotionally charged process. With more than three decades of legal experience working closely with clients and achieving their goals, I can help you understand the process and take proper and responsible action to navigate the process.  Contact my office today to schedule an appointment.

Trust Administration

Trust litigation has skyrocketed in recent years, which means that proper administration and protection of the trusts you design are more important than ever. Part of our estate planning process involves drafting enforceable trusts that take the right steps at creation to avoid the potential for litigation. Proper administration and care of the trust is the next step. Trusts may avoid formal court supervised probate, but still require administration of the same tasks and duties in an unsupervised and private setting.

You can rely on my office to properly administer your wishes today and into the future.

Probate and Litigation

The probate process can be frustrating and emotionally difficult. Even in situations where wills and trusts are not challenged, the administration of a will requires extensive documentation and careful execution, particularly for high-asset estates with multiple properties and valuable assets and other high-income clients. My experience can help guide and assist you.

When litigation is involved, however, you need an attorney that has the breadth of experience and the depth of knowledge needed to effectively counsel and litigate. I have the probate court experience necessary to create a reasonable strategy for litigating your case, and as a veteran estate planning and elder law attorney, I understand the legal concepts that will be critical in pursuing your goals.

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Whether you want to ensure that your trusts are properly administered now and into the future, you need assistance in probate administration or you are involved in a will contest or probate litigation, I can provide informed counsel based on more than three decades of experience.

By completing these two document before your consultation, it will give me a better idea of what your estate planning needs are and will help me tailor your estate plan to suit your needs.

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If you are considering establishing a financial estate preservation plan, or if you are an administrator seeking help with Sonoma County probate, contact me online or by phone at 707-527-9900 to schedule a meeting. Successful outcomes start with the right choices about your future. My rates are reasonable, either hourly or by flat-fee, and I accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.


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