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In most divorce agreements, it is recognized that one parent may have a higher income and an obligation to financially support his or her children. Child support is a legal obligation and an inescapable provision of most divorce agreements, and the question is not whether someone will pay support, but how much he or she will pay.

Contact Charles D. Stark, Attorney.  I am Santa Rosa child support attorney and work to create a fair, reasonable and positive plan for support. With more than 40 years of experience, I can make sure that any agreement represents each party’s real income. I can help untangle and evaluate complex financial landscapes and gather compelling evidence that supports your claim for support.

Ensuring Support Obligations Are Fair and Reasonable

As a family law and divorce and Separation attorney, I understand how to pursue your goals through  mediation or collaborative law, and litigation if necessary. I will work hard to ensure that the facts are on your side.

Most parents understand the need for reasonable support obligations. The majority of parents simply want to make sure that their part in that obligation is fair and representative of their real-world financial capacity. Calculating support obligations is relatively straightforward. It is the numbers that go into that calculation that cause the most debate. One has to consider the real numbers along with the potential earning capacity of the parents, as well as the intent and goals of the parents in the co-parenting situation. I will put all of my resources and experience behind your case to ensure that child support payments are fair and reasonable.

Contact a California Child Support Modification Attorney

If you need help determining support obligations, or if you wish to seek a modification to an existing obligation, I am prepared to help. Contact me, a Santa Rosa child support lawyer, online or call 707-527-9900 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation.

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