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Protecting Your Rights in Divorce and Separation

A marriage is many things to many people, but, in the eyes of the law, it is a contract that establishes shared responsibilities, rights and ownership between two people. Marriage involves a whole “bundle” of rights, many of which are not obvious to the average person. Absent a prenuptial agreement, separation or divorce requires an extensive negotiation or litigation process to resolve how those shared responsibilities and properties are divided.

That is a very clinical way of thinking about the emotionally charged and complex nature of divorce, but it is also an effective way to pursue your rights and protect your assets. I work closely with and create a comfortable personalized environment for my clients. I am also constantly focused on a professional level toward making your goals a reality in divorce and separation proceedings.

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Contact me to help you with any complicated questions, whether you are seeking a legal separation from your spouse or partner (that can give you stability and a binding agreement as you decide how to move forward), or you want to permanently divorce your spouse or partner. In both situations, you want to work with a lawyer that has the experience, ability and attention to detail to address matters of:

As a veteran attorney with experience handling legal matters for clients and businesses with significant asset protection needs, my office is strongly positioned to provide informed counsel that can serve clients of all incomes.

Dissolution Process Chart may aid you in your initial understanding of the divorce and dissolution process under California law.

For clients interested in a more discreet, secure and cooperative method of divorce, I also represent interested parties in collaborative family law or act as a neutral mediator. This can be a more cost-effective and private path toward divorce, giving you greater control and influence over the process, and more durable results.

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