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What are the skills necessary for a California property division lawyer to effectively handle asset division in a divorce case? After all, not every client has the same interests and need for protection.

Contact Charles D. Stark, Attorney at Law in Santa Rosa.  I bring skills, experience, and knowledge to all of my cases, including matters concerning child custody or spousal support, to cases involving high-asset and complex financial matters. With more than 40 years of experience in a wide range of legal fields, including business and real estate law, I will bring the benefits of multiple legal disciplines to work for you.

Dedicated to Helping You Protect Your Assets and Your Family

A divorce settlement, absent a prenuptial/pre-partnership agreement, must address the full range of property and assets shared among the spouses and how they will be divided. Property division can be a complicated process, sometimes requiring the patience of a strong negotiator and other times the work of an effective litigator. I have extensive experience handling complex, high-asset property division cases, including those involving:

  • Business ownership and business valuation
  • Significant stock holdings and investments
  • Substantial retirement savings
  • Multiple properties and other high-value assets
  • Hidden assets

No matter the extent of your property or wealth, analysis, and advice from a Santa Rosa family law attorney is needed. There are two aspects to the division of property: valuation and characterization. Valuation, simply enough, refers to how much the assets are worth. Characterization refers to the difference between community and separate property. Community property will be divided, while separate property will not. Properly defining and valuing assets is essential to having an equitable division of property.

Experienced Representation in Complex Divorce Cases

Regardless of how you approach your divorce and Separation, you need a lawyer who has a keen understanding of the financial issues that will be addressed in the asset-division discussion.

I have more than three decades of knowledge and experience in untangling the complex financial landscapes of high-asset and high-income clients, as well as addressing issues relating to child custody, and spousal and partner support. I have a proven background in corporate finance, retirement benefits and QDROs, business law, and litigation to represent the needs of all of my clients.

Call a Divorce Settlement Lawyer Sonoma County

If you are going through a divorce, getting experienced legal help is crucial. Contact me online or by phone at 707-527-9900 to schedule an appointment to discuss your case. I will evaluate your situation and help you take the first steps toward responsibly protecting your valuable assets.

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