Integrated Mediation

Integrated Mediation Attorney Santa Rosa

Charles D. Stark, Attorney at Law, is a trained and experienced mediator and Collaborative Practice professional. He also offers divorce and trust and estate dispute resolution through INTEGRATIVE MEDIATION.

Integrative mediation combines the neutrality, economy and simplicity of traditional mediation, with the addition of specialized interdisciplinary team members to address particular issues, such as the confusion of co-parenting plans, dividing income to create two households out of one, and equitable division of assets and property based on community property law or trust and estate law, and how to best distribute and divide complex business, real property, tax,  or retirement assets.   Interdisciplinary team members are often specially trained Collaborative professionals themselves, working in the field of emotional health, couple communications, child specialists, and financial analysis.

As couples encounter issues in mediation that could lead to resistance or impasse, the team specialist can provide focused  insight and information that allows the parties to continue to progress and to move through the difficulties. Contact my office today online or by phone at 707-527-9900 to answer any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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