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If you are facing a relatively straightforward family law situation or if financial constraints make it impossible to have a full-time lawyer working on your case, you may be a good candidate for unbundled legal services that are designed to fit the unique needs of your situation.

Contact Charles D. Stark, Attorney at Law.  As a Santa Rosa limited representation lawyer I have more than 40 years of legal experience that I can put to work for you.  I can help evaluate whether unbundled services are the right option for your situation. You can rely on the same level of personal service I provide to all my clients, even if I am only providing you with limited representation.

What Are Unbundled Legal Services?

Unbundled legal services refer to a lawyer who helps a client in a limited manner. For example, you may need help preparing divorce and separation forms, but you will still be responsible for representing yourself in court. Your attorney should still provide you with qualified legal advice and give you the information you need to negotiate on your own. Your lawyer may also be available to help you draft pleadings and other required documents. Or perhaps represent you for an initial motion and court hearing only, and not the entire case. This may set the course of your case on the right track.

Things to Keep in Mind When Seeking Limited Representation

By its very nature, unbundled services provide limited help from a qualified attorney. You will largely be responsible for gathering information, filing paperwork with the courts and negotiating on your own behalf.

While unbundled services can be a cost-effective means of getting a divorce and resolving related issues, such as child custody, it is not the right choice for everyone. If your case is complex, such as requiring a lot of work in the case of asset and property division, it may make more financial sense in the long run to take full advantage of my family law services. I will thoroughly review your case and let you know whether limited representation may be an option for you.

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To find out whether unbundled services are the way to go in your divorce or family law matter, speak with me. Contact me, a Santa Rosa limited representation attorney, online or call 707-527-9900 to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

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